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    Service Object:
    All the signed purchase contract or software, professional service contract users will be offered by Haitai the after-sale service and technique support in accordance with contract regulation. After the expiration of the period of service, users can choose to purchase our series service plan to be the contract users with the continuity of our service and support; Our customer can also purchase a variety of individual services, executing according to the specific requirements from service system.
    During 7*24 hours, users can request service via telephone, fax and other methods and Haitai Medical Information Customer service center will provide the best service to largely meet customer’s demand. Please contact us:
    Hotline: 400-848-2226
    Online Service:
    Online updates will be accomplished via the Internet and system online technical support, online training, online consulting service and customer service will be offered via Technology Forum etc.
    On-site Support:
    Haitai Medical Information Service Center provide on-site technical support to customers in order to solve the system installation and operation problems including on-site training and individual training, product support, customer data model, customize EMR, on-site consulting services.
    How to get the technical support from Haitai?
    We suggest you to visit our website to view some documents about technical problems and solutions if you have any problem.
    If you cannot solve the problem by yourself and you think you have to ask customer service center for help, you should record the status and the environment when problems arise and submit the problem you meet via telephone, fax or online declaration.
    If you need any technical support or suggestion, please call 400-848-2226, we will have our technical engineer to provide service for you.
    After registration, you shall let us know your representative to keep contact with us until the problem solved so that we can solve the problem as soon as possible. Our goal is to solve the problem as many as possible in a short term which means we will try our best to solve the problem at the first time you request.